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Welcome to the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW

The Board is an independent State Government Statutory Corporation. It is responsible under the Veterinary Practice Act 2003, for registering Veterinary Practitioners and Veterinary Specialists, Licensing Veterinary Hospitals and investigating complaints about the practice of Veterinary Science in NSW.

This site provides information to the Veterinary Practitioners of New South Wales, Veterinary Practitioners from other States and Territories in Australia and overseas, other government departments and consumers of Veterinary Services.

Details of veterinary practitioners, veterinary specialists and veterinary hospitals are available by using the search facility by pressing the blue seach button below the menu on the left hand side of page.

Board News Jun 2014

Racing NSW Negotiations - 30 June 2014

The Board and Racing NSW continue to negotiate, with the assistance of representatives of the State government, in order to reach an alternative to the licensing regime proposed by RNSW. We have been advised by Racing NSW that the commencement of Local Rule 82C and licensing has been deferred to Friday 1 August 2014.

VPB of NSW - CVO Bulletin - Hendra Virus case at Murwillumbah - 23 June 2014

Please read the Bio Security Bulletin regarding Hendra Virus case at Murwillumbah (PDF 67kb) which is issued on behalf of Ian Roth - the Chief Veterinary Officer in NSW.

Please address any queries you have regarding the information in the linked bulletin to:

Sarah Britton | Veterinary Officer | Biosecurity NSW
Department of Primary Industries |161 Kite Street | Orange NSW 2800| Locked Bag 21 | Orange NSW 2800
T: 02 6391 3717 | F: 02 6361 9976 |
E: sarah.britton@dpi.nsw.gov.au
W: www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/biosecurity

Board News May 2014

Boardtalk Issue 40 - May 2014 - 28 May 2014

The latest Boardtalk, May 2014, Issue 40 is now available online.

To view online (searchable) version select the View Online option in the "Latest Boardtalk" box near the top right hand corner of our home page.

And, to view and then print a PDF version (521kb) of the Boardtalk select View Hard Copy.

This time round there is 1 insert which will not be part of the PDF version.

This veterinary update can be found on our Publications page, within Veterinary Practitioners Guides
or here: Dermal decontamination and light petroleum distillate toxicity in dogs and cats (pdf 235kb)

Written by:

  • Rhian B Cope BVSc BSc(Hon 1) PhD cGLPCP DABT ERT FACTRA
  • Rosalind Dalefield BVSc PhD DABT DABVT

Q Fever Research - 22 May 2014

A Charles Sturt Univeristy collegial group of veterinary and medical professionals are conducting important research into Q fever. They invite all veterinarians at your clinic to participate in their Q fever survey which will help to inform Q fever vaccine policy within Australia. Your participation will contribute to improving the health and safety of all workers within the veterinary field in Australia.

All responses are confidential and no personal information will be identifiable to you by any persons.

On average, the questionnaire takes about 12 minutes and upon completion you may enter the draw to WIN AN IPAD.

Please read through the Information Statement (pdf 60kb) and participate in the Survey if you feel so inclined.


AVA Annual Workforce Survey - 16 May 2014

The Australian Veterinary Association 2014 Annual Workforce Survey is available for you to complete.

2014 survey link

The purpose of the annual survey is to examine the current profile of the veterinary profession and anticipate future trends and changes. The information collected will help the profession, government, veterinary boards and others to understand how the provision of veterinary services may be affected by various factors, including increasing numbers of veterinary graduates, career breaks, part-time working, early retirement and veterinarians choosing to work outside the profession.

The report from last year is publicly available on the AVA website at 2013 Annual Workforce Survey. The 2014 survey will collect similar data to allow trends analysis, with a few improvements based on the recommendations by the statistician who analysed the 2013 results.

Annual Renewals for 2014-15 - 1 May 2014

Registration renewal invoices and Annual Returns were mailed out 28 April 2014.

Hospital licence renewal invoices were mailed out 6 May 2014.

Online payments and submissions are now available from our website.

Registration and licence renewals are due 31 May 2014.

Board News Nov 2013

Racing NSW Licensing - 25 November 2013

Racing NSW proposed to introduce a scheme to license veterinary practitioners working with racehorses in February 2012. Representatives from the Board, AVA, EVA and Racing NSW attempted to negotiate a process whereby complaints against veterinary practitioners by Racing NSW could be expedited to address some of the concerns held by Racing NSW at the time. Information on these discussions was published in Boardtalk; President's Report May 2012 and President's Report May 2013 and Registrar's Report May 2013. Unfortunately a resolution was not achieved and recently Racing NSW has released a new rule of racing requiring veterinary practitioners to be licensed. Implementation of this rule has now been deferred until 15 January 2014 to allow for more negotiations to take place between the Board, AVA, EVA and Racing NSW.

The Board is now waiting for Racing NSW to provide a series of scenarios detailing their major concerns so that the Board, AVA, EVA and Racing NSW can create a series of mutually acceptable solutions. The Board is seeking legal advice to ensure that any negotiated solutions remain compliant with our legislation and other relevant legislation.

The Board believes that optimum animal welfare outcomes and the maintenance of the high professional standards of the veterinary services provided to racing will be achieved through both statutory bodies working together with the AVA and EVA using the Veterinary Practice Act 2003 and the Veterinary Practice Regulations 2006

The Board has significant concerns with the proposed licence application form and the new rule and the Board recommends that veterinary practitioners seek independent legal advice before submitting an application for a licence.

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