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Welcome to the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW

The Board is an independent State Government Statutory Corporation. It is responsible under the Veterinary Practice Act 2003, for registering Veterinary Practitioners and Veterinary Specialists, Licensing Veterinary Hospitals and investigating complaints about the practice of Veterinary Science in NSW.

This site provides information to the Veterinary Practitioners of New South Wales, Veterinary Practitioners from other States and Territories in Australia and overseas, other government departments and consumers of Veterinary Services.

Details of veterinary practitioners, veterinary specialists and veterinary hospitals are available by using the search facility by pressing the blue seach button below the menu on the left hand side of page.

Board News Apr 2014

Annual Renewals for 2014-15 - 15 April 2014

Registration renewal invoices and Annual Returns will be mailed out towards the end of April 2014.

Hospital licence renewal invoices will be mailed in the first week of May 2014.

From May, online payments and submissions will be available from our website.

Registration and licence renewals are due 31 May 2014.

Board News Mar 2014

Euthanasia, depression and suicide in veterinarians research update - 25 March 2014

Tran, L., Crane, M. F., & Phillips, J. K. (2014, March 17). The Distinct Role of Performing Euthanasia on Depression and Suicide in Veterinarians. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.
Advance online publication: http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/a0035837

In this paper, we report on the association between euthanasia-administration frequency over the previous 12 months and depressed mood and suicide risk in Veterinarians.

Our results found that the more euthanasia performed in a typical week, the greater the risk of depressed feelings. While this might initially sound alarming, euthanasia frequency actually only explained a very small amount of depressed mood. This indicates that the performance of euthanasia is a very minor player in depression experienced by veterinarians and other factors are likely to make much more of a contribution. With regards to suicide-risk, a greater amount of euthanasia performed in a typical week actually reduced the risk of suicide in depressed veterinarians. Thus, rather than contributing to greater suicide-risk in depressed veterinarians, the highly frequent (>11 in a typical week) performance of euthanasia may be a protective factor against suicide risk in depressed veterinarians.

Our work highlights that the relationships between performing euthanasia, depression and suicide-risk is more complex than previously anticipated, and that strategies used by veterinarians to manage the emotional impact of euthanasia are generally effective (e.g., emotional distancing). Our work also indicates that there are therefore other very important factors that are critical determinants of wellbeing in veterinarians, which is part of our ongoing research.

Racing NSW Negotiations - 25 March 2014

Negotiations between Racing NSW and the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW on a memorandum of understanding as an alternative arrangement to the implementation of a licensing regime by Racing NSW continue. We have been advised by Racing NSW that the commencement of Local Rule 82C and the licensing process has been deferred until Tuesday 1 April 2014.

Board News Nov 2013

Racing NSW Licensing - 25 November 2013

Racing NSW proposed to introduce a scheme to license veterinary practitioners working with racehorses in February 2012. Representatives from the Board, AVA, EVA and Racing NSW attempted to negotiate a process whereby complaints against veterinary practitioners by Racing NSW could be expedited to address some of the concerns held by Racing NSW at the time. Information on these discussions was published in Boardtalk; President's Report May 2012 and President's Report May 2013 and Registrar's Report May 2013. Unfortunately a resolution was not achieved and recently Racing NSW has released a new rule of racing requiring veterinary practitioners to be licensed. Implementation of this rule has now been deferred until 15 January 2014 to allow for more negotiations to take place between the Board, AVA, EVA and Racing NSW.

The Board is now waiting for Racing NSW to provide a series of scenarios detailing their major concerns so that the Board, AVA, EVA and Racing NSW can create a series of mutually acceptable solutions. The Board is seeking legal advice to ensure that any negotiated solutions remain compliant with our legislation and other relevant legislation.

The Board believes that optimum animal welfare outcomes and the maintenance of the high professional standards of the veterinary services provided to racing will be achieved through both statutory bodies working together with the AVA and EVA using the Veterinary Practice Act 2003 and the Veterinary Practice Regulations 2006

The Board has significant concerns with the proposed licence application form and the new rule and the Board recommends that veterinary practitioners seek independent legal advice before submitting an application for a licence.

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