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Veterinary Practitioner Registration

Limited Registration

Limited registration is for veterinary practitioners that need registration for a specific purpose - for instance to prepare for the NVE Clinical exam, for a limited period of time.

A veterinary practitioner may be granted Limited Registration if they meet the following criteria -

The applicant:
  • does not have all the necessary requirements for full registration, but has qualifications and experience in veterinary science, to justify granting of Limited Registration;
  • is to carry the practise of veterinary science for a specific purpose and limited time;
  • is an overseas graduate needing to practise whilst finalising the National Veterinary Examination (NVE). Such registration could be granted for a period of 12 months, subject to:
    • The applicant supplying proof of passing the written paper (MCQ) of the NVE;
    • The applicant practising veterinary science under the supervision of a registered veterinary practitioner
    • The name of the supervisory veterinary practitioner being advised to the Board;
    • Within the 12 month period, the applicant passing the practical examination of the NVE; and
    • The 12 month period dating from the time when the Board has been advised and approved of the name of the supervising veterinary practitioner.
Registration of a person as a veterinary practitioner under this section expires:
  • 12 months after the date of registration; or at such earlier time as specified by the Board;
  • Registration may be renewed for a further period, not exceeding 12 months as determined by the Board and can only be renewed once.

Irish Thoroughbred Breeding

Irish veterinary practitioners who have specific knowledge, skill and experience in thoroughbred breeding practices may apply for limited registration for the Australian Thoroughbred Breeding Season. Direct supervision may be a condition to registration. However, such applicants are required to provide references and other documentation illustrating their specific skills. Limited application forms are to be accompanied by a letter from the superintendent at the practice where they intend to work. This should state the nature of the work the applicant will be involved in.

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Tips for Downloading Forms

For easy downloading of these files, right click on the form link, select "Save Target As..." and save where desired.

Viewing Forms

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the Board's application forms. If you require the latest version, please click on the link and follow the site instructions.

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