2016 December - Are You Employing A Veterinarian In NSW

Are You Employing A Veterinarian In NSW?

If you are employing a veterinarian in NSW or a person who will have the descriptor ‘veterinary’ in their title (with the exception of a veterinary nurse) you have a responsibility to ensure that person is a registered veterinarian. 

  1. If the person is registered in NSW you can use the ‘Find a Vet or Hospital’ function on our website
  2. If the person is registered outside NSW but within Australia (deemed registration in NSW) you can use the Search for a Registered Veterinarian in Australia function available from the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council website (a link is also available from the ‘Find a Vet or Hospital’ function on our website). 
  3. If you know the jurisdiction you can also use the website for that Board and website addresses for other Australian boards are available from Resources, Useful links.
  4. If the person is not registered within Australia they will need to apply for registration in NSW before they can be employed as a veterinarian

If you have employed a veterinarian who is currently registered in another Australian jurisdiction that person has up to 3 months from the time they move to NSW to register in NSW. 

Under National Recognition of Veterinary Registration veterinarians should register in the state or territory of their principal place of residence.  Veterinarians working in Western Australia, ACT and Northern Territory must register in those jurisdictions prior to working as these jurisdictions are yet to implement NRVR.

Veterinarians registered in another Australian state or territory who wish to work in NSW need to also consider becoming an Authorised Identifier for microchipping companion animals (see Office of Local Government website) and must apply for a Radiation User Licence (see NSW EPA website) in order to take radiographs.