2016 December - Keeping hospital information up-to-date

The Board is currently reviewing its hospital database to make it easier for licence holders to ensure information made available to the public is up-to-date.

In 2017, the Board will provide hospital licence holders with the opportunity to check that the licence details held by the Board remain current.  These details include the licence holder, veterinarians with percentage controlling interest, details of the superintendent and contact details.

A website address field will also be added to our publicly available information so that the public will be easily able to directly access a hospital website from the Board’s website.  This website address, if provided, will be included in the result from the Find a Vet or Hospital button on the homepage.

Last year we added the Vet Login to our website to enable veterinarians to easily update their details anytime.  Although many of the changes to hospital licences require the submission of signed forms, these further changes to the website and database will similarly provide an opportunity for current licence holders to easily check that the details held by the Board are up-to-date. 

If licence details changes are required links will make it easy for licence holders to find the correct form to complete, sign and send to the Board.