2016 December - Lost drugs, break-ins and online pharmacies

NSW Health and the Board would like to remind you that:

The loss of theft of any drug of addiction (S8) or prescribed restricted substance (S4 Appendix D) must be reported to NSW Health immediately.  This submission must be via an online form (Submit Form button top left of first page).  NSW Health does not accept photos, scanned copies or handwritten submissions.

Drugs must be kept safe.  Recently there have been a number of reports of break-ins to veterinary practices where someone has been able to find the keys to the safe and steal the contents. Keys to the safe containing S8 drugs should not be left on the premises unless they can be locked into another safe, and only a vet can have ultimate access to the drugs or the keys to the safe containing S8 drugs.

Veterinarians are not permitted to fill prescriptions. Under the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 (s 36AA) only a pharmacist is able to dispense or compound a substance on the prescription of a veterinarian.  Veterinarians are able to supply restricted substances (S4 and S8 medication) to a client under circumstances described in the Veterinary Practice Regulation 2013 (sch 2, cl 20) but only in the ordinary course of his or her profession (Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 (s 36AA(2)(a)). 

NSW Health and the Board do not consider that a service providing restricted substances based on written notifications (‘prescriptions’) from veterinarians is part of the ordinary course of activities for a veterinarian.  Supply on the written authority of another veterinarian under cl 20(1)(b) is available to veterinarians to ensure clients are able to obtain medication when their usual veterinarian was either not available or did not have stock of the required medication.