2016 December - New e-learning module for vets visiting hobby farmers/small holders

A new e-learning module is being developed specifically for vets who visit hobby farms or treat animals kept on small blocks. The module aims to improve the knowledge and confidence of these vets to:

  • investigate livestock and wildlife diseases (especially notifiable diseases)
  • engage, collaborate and know when to get help from government veterinarians
  • know where to find biosecurity and communication resources for small holders and
  • understand their role within Australia’s animal surveillance system for reporting and investigating notifiable diseases


The module is being developed jointly with NSW DPI, the Australian Veterinary Association, researchers from Charles Sturt University, Animal Health Australia and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and will be available nationally to all veterinarians.

Often working with hobby farmers can be challenging due to poor facilities, poor husbandry, overstocking and multiple species grouped together. This brings its own unique challenges for veterinarians and it is anticipated that the e-learning module will help them be better prepared.