2016 December - Pet registration goes DIY and digital

From July 2016 pet owners have had access to the new online registry to update their contact details, report their pet missing, transfer ownership and pay most lifetime registration fees online.

What has changed for vets?

  • From July 2016 vets can logon to the NSW Pet Registry through a dedicated link at www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au
  • Existing user names and passwords can be used to logon, and vets will be able to:
    • access the registry easily and quickly add animals that have been microchipped.
    • update a pet’s status (home/missing/deceased) on behalf of an owner.
    • update the registry if a pet is desexed, or if desexing is not recommended.
  • The new system is user friendly and designed to minimise data entry for vets.
  • If the online registry cannot be accessed, new paper forms that match the new system and feature updated legal information can be downloaded from the Office of Local Government website, www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/dogs-and-cats/forms. These can be submitted at a local council.
  • Microchipped animals should be added to the registry under the breeder’s name where possible.


Microchipping and desexing

  • The Government encourages pet owners to desex cats and dogs at an early age. This helps to ensure pets stay healthy, are well behaved and do not have unwanted litters.
  • The NSW Government continues to provide funding to support discounted registration fees for desexed animals.
  • The discounted registration fee is available to owners who desex their cat before four months of age. A discounted fee applies to dogs desexed before six months of age.
  • Vets can update the registry when a pet is desexed.

Vets can also update the registry to indicate that a pet should not yet be desexed for medical reasons.


What has changed for pet owners?

  • New owners will be asked to create an online profile to claim their pets once microchipped. They will use the microchip number, their contact telephone number or email to locate the pet on the registry.
  • Current owners will be asked to make a profile, update their details and claim existing pets on the registry through their new profile (this will require pet microchip numbers).
  • Owners can update their details and transfer pet ownership online making it easier for vets and approved persons to contact the owners of lost or injured pets.


What has changed for breeders?

  • For the purposes of the registry, the owner of an animal that has a litter will be the first owner of each animal in that litter.
  • Everyone who owns a cat or dog that has a litter will be given a breeder profile.
  • A breeder’s profile and access is the same as for other pet owners, with the addition of a Breeder ID number for easy use of the registry, such as for adding multiple animals.


Vets registered with the NSW Veterinary Practitioners Board can gain access to the registry by applying to the Office of Local Government (www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/dogs-and-cats/forms).