2016 December - Returns, Refunds And Re-Use Of Drugs

Resupplying returned medication would be contrary to the principles of good practice and the Board would consider this practice NOT to be to current standards. 

Returned or otherwise unusable medications should be disposed of in a place and manner that is not likely to constitute a risk to the public.  Schedule 8 medicines (drugs of addiction) in possession of a vet can only be destroyed by or in the presence of a retail pharmacist, a NSW Health inspector or a police officer. 

A veterinarian is allowed to accept returns of unused veterinary medication for disposal. Whether or not a refund is paid to the client is a commercial decision for the vet to make.  In some circumstances, Consumer Law may require that a refund be paid.

NSW Health’s GUIDE TO POISONS AND THERAPEUTIC GOODS LEGISLATION FOR VETERINARY PRACTITIONERS is an easy to read and relevant article that outlines everything you need to know.