2016 May - Conditions on registration

What does it mean to have "Conditions" on my registration?

The Board has the power to impose conditions on a veterinarian’s registration if it is satisfied the conditions are warranted. 

Conditions may be imposed for a variety of reasons including the safety or health of any person; the health and welfare of animals; damage to the international reputation of Australia in relation to export, welfare or sporting events; or any impairment suffered by a veterinarian.

Examples of conditions on registration include a requirement to undertake a certain amount or type of continuing professional development, a requirement for supervision, a limitation on specified restricted acts of veterinary science that may be performed, a limitation on employment, or a limitation on prescribing rights such as not to possess or supply S8 medication or anabolic steroids.

Veterinarians retired from practice may also maintain their registration without completing the required CPD by accepting “non-practising conditions” (see Honorary Registration with Conditions in this issue).

The public is able to see if a veterinarian has conditions on his or her registration by performing a Vet Search using the Board’s website.  Specific conditions are not currently available from the website but the Board is looking to follow the example of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which provides for the release of some relevant information to the public regarding conditions.