2016 May - CPD Audit

This year the Board will complete its fourth Continuing Professional Development (CPD) audit of the profession.  The audit is completed by contacting a stratified random sample of registrants with a request to provide validation of structured CPD points reported during the most recently completed 3 year CPD cycle.

A summary of CPD data obtained by the Board from 2007-2015 is available from our website under Resources, Statistics.

When conducting the audit, the Board selects a percentage of veterinarians of mixed ages and gender from a range of practice areas including: industry, research, academia, government, small animal practice, mixed practice, large animal practice and specialist practice. The audit focuses on structured CPD points only and those selected will only be required to provide validation for the minimum 15 structured points.

The easiest way for veterinarians to provide validation of their structured CPD points is to provide a copy of their AVA My CPD Statement

For veterinarians who are not AVA members methods of validation for structured points are available from our website under Resources, Continuing Professional Development (see CPD Points Allocation Table).

The Board has previously issued guidelines stating that a minimum of 60 CPD points must be attained during a 3 year CPD cycle including a minimum of 15 structured points. CPD points attained during the year from 1 April to 31 March must be reported in your Annual Return. The Veterinary Practice Act 2003 (s 35(e1)) provides that failure without reasonable excuse to comply with CPD requirements is defined as unsatisfactory professional conduct.  If you have experienced difficulty meeting your CPD requirement during the most recently completed 3 year cycle you can contact the Board to discuss our procedures.