2016 May - Honorary registration with conditions

A person who is a registered veterinary practitioner may be granted honorary registration if the Board is satisfied the person:

  • a).    has been registered for at least 40 years, or
  • b).    has been registered for a substantial time and is 65 years or above, or
  • c).    the person's standing in the profession of veterinary science is such to justify the person being granted honorary registration.

Honorary registration is the same as full registration except these veterinary practitioners are not required to pay the annual registration fee in recognition of meeting the above criteria. Veterinarians with honorary registration have the same privileges as veterinarians with full registration.  They can still perform acts of veterinary science; own practices; work on ACEC committees as veterinarians; sign veterinary certificates; and purchase, supply or prescribe restricted medications.

These privileges are founded on compliance with continuing professional development requirements.

Veterinarians who meet the requirements for honorary registration but are not able to complete their CPD requirements must not practice as a veterinarian. To maintain their registration without meeting their continuing education requirement they may apply for honorary registration with non-practising conditions:

  • i.    they must not provide veterinary services regardless of whether they are remunerated or not
  • ii.   they must not exercise authority requiring registration as a veterinary practitioner such as certification and committee membership as a veterinarian
  • iii.  they must not prescribe or supply restricted substances (Schedules Four and Eight of the Poisons List proclaimed under the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966)


Honorary registration with the above conditions means that the veterinary practitioner will:

  • i.    no longer be required to undertake continuing professional development activities
  • ii.   continue to receive communication from the Board including the publication ‘Boardtalk’
  • iii.  be required to apply to the Board and receive written permission for the above conditions to be varied or removed


Further details about honorary registration including an application form and non-practising conditions declaration are available from the Board’s website.