2016 May - NSW Pet Registry is being updated

  The public will have access to the new online register to update their contact details, change pet ownership and pay their lifetime registration fees online.


1. From 4 July 2016, vets will be able to enter animal details directly to the registry at the time of micro-chipping

2. Data entry has been minimised and streamlined for vets adding pets to the register

3. Vets will now be given both Authorised Identifier and Approved Person access

This will help return more lost pets to their owners

Vets will also be able to update a pet’s status - home/missing/deceased on behalf of an owner


4. Vets will be able to create and update their own details (user profile) on the register

5. Vets will be able to use their existing CAR login details to log in to the new register website from 4 July 2016

Paper forms mirroring the online registration details will be available for download so practitioners can add information to the register shortly  before or after consultations.

The paper based system will be eventually phased out


The NSW Office of Local Government will provide more information on the upgrades to the register in the coming weeks.  The Board will release these updates on the News section of its website.

The upgrades to the register are designed to improve the accuracy of records so more pets can be returned to their owners.