2016 May - From the Registrar's desk


It is now 4 years since I joined the staff of the Board and during this time we have made a number of changes to how the Board operates.

My main focus when I started was to move the Board from a very well established paper based system to an electronic system.  We successfully moved from paper based Board and Complaints Committee meetings to paperless meetings in 2012.  After 2012 the focus moved to work on updates to the website and database to facilitate the change to electronic records.

All new registrations and licences are now filed electronically and as advised in Boardtalk last year renewal notifications will now be sent by email.  Various applications associated with registration and licencing as well as complaint notifications must still be submitted as hard copy documents and I expect this will continue for some time but the Board is moving most communication with the profession to email.

The new website allows you to login using the email address we have on file for you, with a password you create, and the login function enables you to update your details, check your CPD points for the current cycle, pay your annual registration fee, and submit your Annual Return.

Whilst there has been a move to more electronic communication it is also important to note that there has also been more face to face contact from the Board recently.  Specifically, the Hospital Inspector and previous Registrar Glenn Lynch is now on his second round of inspections of all veterinary hospitals in NSW since 2012.  This second round also includes inspections of house call and on-site veterinary practices (unlicensed premises).

The Board staff have worked together to plan and implement these changes.  All the other staff have been with the Board for around 10 years or more and their knowledge, skills and experience have made this process much easier than it could have been. Importantly, current and former Board members have initiated these changes and I believe our profession has benefited enormously from a succession of veterinarians and non-veterinarians committed to their role on the Board. 

Finally, your feedback is important as well.  The purpose of these changes is to create a more efficient, effective and sustainable system and I value your comments on what is working well and what is not working well.


Workforce Survey

Please note that you will also see a link to the Veterinary Workforce Survey in this issue of Boardtalk.  Please take a few moments to complete the survey and if you wish look over the results from previous surveys which are available to all members of the profession on the AVA website.


Registration Renewals

It is registration renewal time for veterinary practitioners who are registered in NSW so please remember to submit your Annual Return and registration payment by 31 May.  Here are five important points to remember:


1.    Registration renewal is a two-step process (submission of Annual Return and payment of the registration fee) both steps can be easily completed using your Vet Login.

2.    Alternatively, you or your employer can pay your registration renewal using your website reference number (contained in your emailed letter of renewal) and you can submit your Annual Return using your Vet Login

3.    If you do not have a Vet Login just go to the website www.vpb.nsw.gov.au, click on the large Vet Login button  to the right of screen and then click on the Forgotten your password link.  An email will be sent to the address held on our database enabling you to create your secure password.  Any problems please just call our office for assistance.

4.    Before you go to the website to submit your Annual Return please work out your structured and unstructured CPD points for the previous period (1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016).

5.    If you do not plan on remaining registered in NSW after 30 June this year please complete a Voluntary Removal from the Register Form.  If you do not renew and do not remove yourself from the Register and then wish to restore yourself at a later date you will be charged a penalty fee.


If your contact details change during the year it is vital that you advise the Board.  You can check that we have the correct contact details for you using your Vet Login. Changes to these details can be made using your Vet Login or by completing our Notification of Change of Details Form and by emailing admin@vpb.nsw.gov.au   or posting this completed form to the Board’s office.

If you use your Vet Login to submit the Annual Return the Board will be able to record any change in your contact details.  If you submit your Annual Return any other way (email, fax or post) you will need to either separately use the Vet Login to change your details or complete and submit a Notification of Change of Details Form to enable the Board to process this change.

Please contact our office if you have not received your annual registration renewal papers by email or if you experience any difficulties with your Vet Login.


John Baguley