2016 May - Veterinary workforce survey

The veterinary workforce survey for 2016 is now available from the following link: www.surveymonkey.com/r/LBD8N98  

The survey is administered every second year to examine the current profile of the veterinary profession and anticipate future trends and changes. The information collected is intended to help the profession, government, veterinary boards and others to understand how the provision of veterinary services may be affected by various factors, including increasing or decreasing numbers of veterinary graduates, career breaks, part-time working, early retirement and veterinarians choosing to work outside the profession.

There is obvious benefit to the veterinary profession, government and veterinary boards in the data being as representative as possible and we encourage all registered veterinarians to complete the survey. 

The AVA has provided a commitment that the results will be made freely available to the profession and will include comparisons with the previous survey results. All reports on past surveys can be viewed at www.ava.com.au/workforce-data   

If you have any questions in relation to the survey please contact membership@ava.com.au