2017 December - Honorary Registration


Honorary Registration may be granted to a veterinarian who has been a member of the profession for more than 40 years, been a long standing member of the profession and above the age of 65, or a person whose standing in the profession is such to justify the granting of honorary registration.

A person who is granted Honorary Registration moves from the division of the Register for Full Registration or Specialist Registration to the division of the Register for Honorary Registration.

The Board has formed the opinion that the intent of the provision for Honorary Registration was to enable veterinarians fitting the above criteria and who are no longer working as veterinarians to maintain their name on the Register and therefore as a member of the profession.

Veterinarians with Honorary Registration may either continue to participate in required CPD or apply for non-practising conditions in which case they will not need to meet CPD requirements.

Further details are available from the Resources (Policies) section of the Board’s website and its policy Requirements for Honorary Registration.  The Application for Honorary Registration form and the Non-Practising Declaration form are available from the Resources (Forms) section of the website.