2017 June - Good Neighbour Project and training in early-age desexing

Responsible cat ownership is being promoted in a new initiative from the Cat Protection Society of NSW called The Good Neighbour Project.

The Project assists cat owners to ensure the welfare of their cat while also protecting the local fauna and neighbour amenity.

Resources provided in the Good Neighbour Project, include factsheets on training cats to adapt to curfews, building cat-proof enclosures, optimising care for indoors-only cats and a video on the health and welfare benefits of early-age desexing. 

These resources are available at catcare.org.au

Supporters of the Good Neighbour Project include the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW, NSW Government and WIRES wildlife rescue.

Colleagues will also be interested in the educational package for veterinarians on early-age desexing. This free online training, comprising videos, a written guide and self-assessment can be completed in two hours. The CPD points earned contribute to your structured points in the same way as attending a lecture or other assessed audio visual or computer based course.

These resources can be found at  catcare.org.au/vet-professional-education-package