2017 June - Veterinary chemicals update

Shelf life extension

Startect Broad Spectrum Oral Drench for Sheep

In November 2015, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) approved an application by Zoetis to extend the shelf life of Startect Broad Spectrum Oral Drench for sheep from 24 months to 36 months.

All new Startect produced will have the new shelf-life of 36 months on the label. Zoetis will supply a letter to retailers and customers confirming the extended shelf-life and updated date of expiration for batches of the product already in the market.


New Products and New Uses

As companies register new products and new uses for veterinary medicines the changes are published in the APVMA Gazette each fortnight. To subscribe or to access past copies go to: http://apvma.gov.au/news-and-publications/publications/gazette  Some of the most recent changes are listed below.

Ingelvac Circoflex
Active: e
ach 1 ml dose contains: porcine circovirus type 2 ORF2 protein, >= 1.0 RP carbomer 1 mg
Summary of variation: to extend the use to pregnant and lactating sows
Date of variation: 10 February 2017
Label: New label not yet available

Osphos 51mg/mL solution for injection for horses
Active – 51mg/mL clodronic acid (as clodronate disodium tetrahydrate 75mg/mL)
New Use – Improvement of lameness associated with navicular syndrome in horses
Approved – 8 December 2016
LabelOsphos 51mg/mL solution for injection for horses
Tri-Solfen Topical Anaesthetic & Antiseptic Solution for pain relief in Lambs & Calves
Active – 40.6g/L lignocaine (as hydrochloride), 4.2g/L bupivacaine (as hydrochloride), 24.8mg/L adrenaline (as acid tartrate), 5.0g/L centrimide
New Use – Pain relief during and following castration in calves
Approved – 13 December 2016
LabelTri-Solfen Topical Anaesthetic & Antiseptic Solution for pain relief in Lambs and Calves

Active – 75 µg/mL peforelin
New Use – For induction of oestrous cycle in sows after weaning and in sexually mature gilts following therapy to inhibit the oestrous cycle with progestogens.
Approved – 23 November 2016

Contact: Jenene Kidston
Technical Specialist Farm Chemicals

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