ACT News: Veterinary Practice Act Review


The ACT Government is currently conducting a  review of veterinary practice in the ACT. This includes a statutory review of the operation of the Veterinary Practice Act 2018 (the Act) and a broader consideration of issues that may be impacting the delivery of veterinary service in the ACT.


As part of the review, the ACT Government is conducting public consultation via an online discussion paper on the Government’s YourSay website between 22 May and 2 July 2024. 


Following community consultation, the ACT Government will prepare a report that summarises and reflects the feedback received.


In addition to the Act review we are also taking the opportunity to consult on a proposed amendment to the Veterinary Practice Regulation 2018 (the Regulation). We are seeking feedback on a proposal to amend the restricted acts of veterinary science to allow non-veterinary professionals, who hold a Diploma of Equine Allied Health, to undertake equine dentistry with the use of power tools. The act itself will remain as a restricted act of veterinary science.  


All feedback on the proposed amendment can be provided to by 2 July 2024.


ACT Veterinary Practice Act Review





This news article was published on 08 July 2016.