Apply for Registration

There are five types of registration for veterinarians whose primary place of residence is NSW.  Under National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR) veterinarians who reside in other Australian states and territories and are also registered there have deemed registration in NSW.  Veterinarians from other Australian states and territories should register in NSW within 3 months of moving to NSW.

The Board may place conditions on the registration of a veterinarian limiting that veterinarian’s practice.

  1. Full registration: Veterinary graduates with recognised qualifications may apply for full registration in NSW
  2. Provisional registration: Graduands from approved universities may apply for provisional registration prior to obtaining a copy of their degree or testamur
  3. Limited registration: Veterinary graduates who do not have the qualifications required for full registration may apply for limited registration in NSW
  4. Specialist registration: Veterinarians with suitable qualifications who have full registration in NSW may be granted specialist registration in a branch of veterinary science
  5. Honorary registration: Information for veterinarians on qualifications for honorary registration