Concerns about a veterinarian

In order to gain registration as a veterinarian in NSW (or Australia) a person must have completed a course of study extending over at least 4 years in which a general study of veterinary science was made at a university, college or institution recognised as acceptable by the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council.

Only suitably qualified individuals can be registered as veterinarians and only registered veterinarians can represent themselves to be veterinarians and recover fees from performing restricted acts of veterinary science.  You can check the registration of a veterinarian in NSW using this website.


Many concerns about veterinarians and other professionals result from a breakdown in communication. If you have concerns about a veterinarian the Board recommends that you:

  1. Prepare your concerns and discuss these with the veterinarian caring for your animal
  2. Contact the superintendent if the concerns are about a veterinarian working in a veterinary hospital (you can find the name of the hospital and contact details for the superintendent using this website)
  3. Contact the Board’s Complaints Officer to discuss your situation and further options depending upon the nature of your concern

Please note that if you have concerns about the cost of veterinary care you should contact the Department of Fair Trading.