Full registration

Download Form FR01 Application for Full Registration



  • A person who holds the necessary qualifications in veterinary science and whose principal place of residence is NSW may be granted Full Registration.
  • Applicants who studied overseas should check whether the applicant for full registration is required to pass the National Veterinary Exam (NVE).  
  • Under National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR) a veterinarian registered in another Australian state or territory has Deemed Registration and is able to practise as a veterinarian in NSW
  • A veterinarian registered in another Australian state or territory who moves to NSW must register in NSW once his or her primary place of residence is in NSW
  • Please ensure any copies of necessary documents submitted to the Board with an Application for Full Registration are certified by an authorised witness
  • Please note that application payments cannot be made online
  • Please allow 7-10 days for applications to be processed
  • If you are granted Full Registration:        
    • You are given a registration number and you may start practising in NSW
    • Your Full Registration is published on our online Register
    • You will be sent a letter of acknowledgement
    • You will receive your Certificate of Registration after the next Board meeting
  • New graduates who have a copy of their degree or testamur and have not yet worked as a veterinarian do not need to submit a Letter of Professional Standing
  • If you are a graduand with the necessary qualifications in veterinary science (completed the requirements of the degree but do not yet have a copy of your degree or testamur) you should apply for Provisional Registration
  • Registered veterinarians must notify the Board of any change to their name, address or contact details within 14 days of the change