Full registration


To apply for registration as a veterinarian you will need to create a login.  You will then be able to complete our online form.


Apply for Registration as a Veterinarian



  • If you experience any difficulties with the online application form please contact our office by telephone 61 2 8338 1177 or email registrar@vpb.nsw.gov.au 
  • A person who holds the necessary qualifications in veterinary science and whose principal place of residence is NSW may be granted full registration.
  • Applicants who studied overseas should check whether they are also required to pass the Australasian Veterinary Exam (AVE).  
  • Under National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR) a veterinarian registered in another Australian state or territory has Deemed Registration and is able to practise as a veterinarian in NSW
  • A veterinarian registered in another Australian state or territory who moves to NSW must register in NSW once their primary place of residence is in NSW
  • If you are required to submit copies of necessary documents with your application please ensure these are certified by an authorised witness
  • Payment is required online via credit card, PayID or Bpay
  • Please allow 7 days for applications to be processed
  • If you are granted Full Registration:        
    • You are given a registration number and you may start practising in NSW
    • Your Full Registration is published on our online Register
    • You will be sent a letter of acknowledgement
    • You will receive your Certificate of Registration
  • Applicants currently registered or previously registered in another jurisdiction must request a letter of good standing (LOGS) or professional standing (LOPS) from their current or most recent veterinary registration or licencing authority.  This must be sent directly to the NSW Veterinary Practitioners Board by the registration or licencing authority.  Applications cannot be processed until this document is received.
  • New graduates who have a copy of their degree or testamur and have not yet worked as a veterinarian do not need to submit a Letter of Professional Standing
  • If you are a graduand with the necessary qualifications in veterinary science (completed the requirements of the degree but do not yet have a copy of your degree or testamur) you will initially be granted Provisional Registration
  • Registered veterinarians must notify the Board of any change to their name, address or contact details using their Vet Login within 14 days of the change