Issue 49 - Jury Duty


Have you been summons to jury service?

The Jury Act 1977 (sch 2) lists occupations and circumstances of people who have a right to claim an exemption from jury duty.  The list includes dentists, pharmacists and medical practitioners but does not include veterinarians.

Veterinarians (and others) may apply to be excused from jury service for a number of reasons including:

1.  Undue hardship

2.  Sole trader or contractor

3.  Advanced stage of pregnancy

If you receive a jury summons notice you are able to login to to apply to be excused.  Further information regarding ‘good cause’ to be excused and specific circumstances in which the sheriff may excuse you from jury service are available from  NSW Government Justice website.

Juries are used to determine serious criminal matters and civil matters involving large sums of money and therefore jury service plays a vital role in society.

According to the NSW Government Justice website, approximately 200,000 potential jurors are randomly selected from the Electoral Roll each year and of these approximately 9,000 will serve on a jury panel to hear and determine specific trials.