Issue 49 - Would you like to be a part of our ground breaking research in Canine Dementia?


A world first trial

The Regenerative Neuroscience Group of the Brain and Mind Centre at The University of Sydney, is studying stem cell therapy as a possible treatment for Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. 

Despite being in the early stages of this clinical trial, the treatment has shown very promising results in its ability to reverse the signs of CCD.    

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in recruiting CCD patients in the Greater Sydney Region.  Not only will you be assisting us with our research into an effective treatment for CCD, but in doing so, you will also be contributing to future research in human Alzheimer’s Disease.  It is hoped that this trial will pave the way for similar trials in humans with dementia. 

For further information, please contact the trial coordinator, Dr Kaylene Jones

Please also feel free to pass this email address on to pet owners, should they wish to contact me directly.


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