Issue 50 - Changes to the Membership of the Board


Dr Barbara Jane Lord

Jane Lord graduated in 1980 from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree with honours and was appointed to the Board 4 July 2018 as the veterinarian representing academics in the field of veterinary science.  

After graduation, Jane spent the next year as an intern at the University of Sydney Rural Veterinary Centre at Camden (equine referral hospital) where she obtained a Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Studies. She then moved into mixed practice in Albury, NSW, a year later acquiring Albury Veterinary Hospital (later known as Family Vet Centre). Jane worked as a sole practitioner and in partnership in the Hospital. In later decades she worked as an associate veterinarian in mixed practice in regional NSW.

Jane joined Charles Sturt University (CSU) School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences in 2009. In the School she works with undergraduate students through all phases of the veterinary science course and is co-ordinator and academic clinician for the final year intramural small animal workplace rotation.

Jane is the Chair of the Veterinary Science Admissions Committee which oversees the selection of undergraduate students into the CSU veterinary degree. In addition, she is Superintendent of the Kay Hull Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


Dr Ian Russ

Ian Russ retired from the Board 31 December 2018.

Ian had been the AVA NSW Division nomination representing veterinarians in urban areas and served with the Board from 5 May 2014 to 31 December 2018. 

On behalf of the Board, Board staff, the profession and the public I would like to thank Ian for his commitment to the regulation of the veterinary profession in NSW. Ian brought a strong professional ethical foundation to Board discussions and his thoughtful, respectful and diverse contributions ensured sound decision making. 


Dr Magdoline Awad

Magdoline Awad has a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Sydney and was appointed to the Board 20 February 2019 as the AVA NSW Division nomination representing veterinarians in urban areas.

Magdoline also has a graduate degree in Veterinary Professional Practice Management, and Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the Animal Welfare Chapter. She was a member of the Animal Research and Review Panel NSW from 2008-2016 and is a member of the UNSW Animal Care and Ethics Committee. She is the NSW representative for the AVA Welfare and Ethics special interest group.

She was Chief Veterinarian at RSPCA NSW from 2008-2015, after starting with the organisation in 1996. The Chief Veterinarian was responsible for the organisation’s four veterinary hospitals, including staff and financial management. The position also oversaw the development and management of community programs in remote regional areas of NSW, working with local veterinarians and government to improve the welfare of pets in those communities. Programs for the disadvantaged, including the elderly have since been incorporated into the veterinary degree at the University of Sydney.  The role also included veterinary oversight of animal cruelty matters, ensuring adherence to legislation and policy and any related media. 

She is currently the Chief Veterinary Officer for PetSure, working closely with the veterinary profession and industry to increase pet insurance awareness and penetration in Australia.