Issue 50 - CPD points


The CPD year for each veterinarian runs from 1 April to 31 March


You are required to report the number of structured and unstructured CPD points attained during this time in your Annual Return.  You have been invited to submit your Annual Return in June together with payment of your annual registration renewal fee.

Over any 3 year period you must attain 60 CPD points including at least 15 structured points.  Structured and unstructured CPD point allocations were developed by the AVBC and the AVA and the points allocation table is available from our website (Guidelines).

The amount of CPD you have reported in the last 2 years of Annual Returns will be available for you to see when you login to our website so you will easily see how many points you are required to attain in the current year.  The current year (1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019) will appear as zero until after you submit your Annual Return.

If you have not completed sufficient CPD points for the 3 year period the Board will contact you after 30 June. 

The Board’s policy to assist veterinarians who have failed to meet their CPD requirements is available from our website (Policies).