Issue 50 - Disability and Disclosure


Research Survey


Veterinary Workforce Survey 2018The Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) has approved consultation within the profession to consider pathways by which veterinary education providers can communicate with veterinary boards about the attainment of Day One competences of graduating veterinarians, including reporting of issues significant for registration that may fall outside of traditional university reporting requirements.

This process inherently must balance confidentiality, equity and public interest in veterinary education and registration.

The AVBC, therefore, invites all stakeholders within the profession to contribute to this discussion by completing the anonymous survey available at  

Individual respondents cannot be identified but participants interested in further contributing to this discussion are invited to include contact information.

This issue impacts on student, university and public good; importantly this impacts also on the profession. A number of approaches have been considered by the AVBC, and it is considered important that a wide and diverse range of opinions is obtained from multiple stakeholders within the profession prior to implementation of any change to registration practices.

The survey will remain open until 30 June 2019.

Completion and submission of a response will be accepted as informed consent to participate in the survey and the process has been approved (13/05/2019) by the Human Ethics Committee at Charles Sturt University (H19082).

It is anticipated that survey findings will be provided through the Australian and/or New Zealand Veterinary Journals. Further information can be obtained via