Issue 50 - Hospital licensing policies and guidelines


The Board has recently reviewed its policy Assessment of Veterinary Hospital Licences and guidelines Minimum Requirements for Veterinary Hospitals and Self Assessment Checklist for Veterinary Hospital Superintendents.

The review of these documents has been based upon the requirement for veterinarians to practice in accordance with current standards and accordingly for veterinary premises to implement procedures for quality improvement.  

The Board appreciates that when implementing such changes there will be some licensed premises that may not comply with these updated requirements in relation to facilities.  The Board’s approach is not to apply these requirements retrospectively but to encourage veterinary hospital licence holders to improve their facilities over time and to look to these minimum requirements.

Reports from the Hospital Inspector reveal that many veterinary hospitals have been re-built or renovated in recent years and these premises and facilities are generally working beyond these proposed minimum requirements.

You can view these draft policies and guidelines below:


You can compare these documents with the current versions under Resources, Policies, Hospital Licensing (for Assessment of Veterinary Hospital Licences) and Resources, Guidelines, Hospital Licensing (for Minimum Requirement for Veterinary Hospitals and the Self Assessment Checklist for Veterinary Hospital Superintendents).

With respect to equipment and processes the Board is of the opinion that all premises are required to achieve minimum requirements in these areas.  Additions to these documents in relation to equipment and processes have been based on both the development of current standards and information gathered through complaint investigations. 

By incorporating recommendations from complaint investigations within its policies and guidelines and through the hospital inspection processes the Board is aiming to improve compliance with the Veterinary practitioners code of professional conduct and reduce the incidence of complaints.

If you have comments on any of these documents please contact the Board at