Issue 50 - Recovering fees and charges


Only a veterinarian or the holder of a hospital licence is able to recover fees or charges from doing restricted acts of veterinary science.  Further, only an individual veterinarian, a corporation or firm in which one or more veterinarians has or have a controlling interest, or an exempt corporation, firm or body is able to hold a veterinary hospital licence.

There is no provision in the veterinary practice legislation for a trust to be the holder of a veterinary hospital licence.

When recovering fees and charges all businesses are required to provide proof of transaction, such as a tax invoice or receipt, to consumers for goods and services valued at $75 or more. 

Proof of transaction must provide the following:

  • supplier of the goods or services
  • supplier’s ABN, if they have one
  • supplier’s ACN, if they have one but do not have an ABN
  • date of the supply
  • goods or services supplied to the consumer, and
  • price of the goods or services.


Importantly, for a veterinary hospital the ABN and the name of the supplier of the goods or services must be the veterinary hospital licence holder.