Issue 50 - Registration number format is changing


The Board is now referring to registered veterinarians in NSW using the following format NSW V12345

Veterinarians must add their registration number when certifying documents or signing off as a veterinarian.  The format previously recommended was N12345 with the “N” standing for NSW (although maybe it was registration number).

Unfortunately “N” is ambiguous in that it could also apply to the Northern Territory and it is not a common abbreviation for NSW.  Adding to confusion, both Victoria and Western Australia adopted the prefix “V” for Victoria and veterinarian respectively.  The prefix “N” is used in Western Australia for a registered veterinary nurse.

With the implementation of National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR) it is important for clients, colleagues, and the Board to easily determine where a veterinarian is registered and to be able to check his or her registration status.

Currently under NRVR a veterinarian registered anywhere in Australia is able to work in NSW (and any other Australian jurisdiction except WA and NT unless also registered in these jurisdictions).  So, where a veterinarian is registered is not immediately obvious under the current numbering system.

Future correspondence from the Board to veterinarians registered in NSW will display your name followed by NSW V and your registration number.  Your registration number will of course remain the same.

Please adopt the above format when certifying documents or signing off as a veterinarian in NSW.