Issue 50 - Registration Renewals


It is registration renewal time for veterinary practitioners who are registered in NSW so please remember to submit your Annual Return and registration payment before 30 June.  Here are some important points to remember:

  1. Registration renewal is a two-step process (submission of Annual Return and payment of the registration fee) both steps can be easily completed using your Vet Login.
  2. Alternatively, you or your employer can pay your registration renewal using your website reference number (contained in your emailed letter of renewal) and you can submit your Annual Return using your Vet Login
  3. If you do not have a Vet Login just go to the website, click on the large Vet Login button  to the right of screen and then click on the Forgotten your password link.  Enter your email address (as per our database record) and an email will be sent to this address enabling you to create your secure password.  Any problems please just call our office for assistance.
  4. Before you go to the website to submit your Annual Return please work out your structured and unstructured CPD points for the return period (1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019).
  5. If you do not plan on remaining registered in NSW after 30 June this year please complete a Voluntary Removal from the Register Form.  If you do not renew and do not remove yourself from the Register and then wish to restore yourself at a later date you will be charged a penalty fee.


If your contact details change during the year it is vital that you advise the Board.  You can check that we have the correct contact details for you using your Vet Login. Changes to these details can be made using your Vet Login or by completing our Notification of Change of Details Form and by emailing or posting this completed form to the Board’s office.

It is important to note that failure to submit both the payment and the Annual Return by 30 June will attract a late fee ($50) and failure to complete either of these steps by the Board meeting in July will result in your removal from the Register and requirement to pay an additional restoration penalty fee (currently $300) should you wish to return to the Register in NSW.

Whilst veterinarians with Honorary Registration are not required to pay the annual fee there is no provision within the legislation to exempt these veterinarians from submitting an Annual Return.

All registered veterinarians must submit an Annual Return before 30 June.

Please contact our office if you have not received your annual registration renewal notice by email or if you experience any difficulties with your Vet Login.