Limited registration


Apply for Registration as a Veterinarian 



  • If you experience any difficulties with the online application form please contact our office by telephone 61 2 8338 1177 or email 
  • A person with qualifications and experience in veterinary science who does not hold the necessary qualifications and whose principal place of residence is NSW may be granted Limited Registration
  • A person with Limited Registration must be supervised by a registered veterinarian (with Full or Specialist Registration not subject to conditions) 
  • Limited Registration may be granted by the Board to allow a person to practise veterinary science for a specific purpose or a limited time
  • A person who is preparing for the clinical component of the Australasian Veterinary Exam may be granted Limited Registration to assist with preparing for this exam
  • Please ensure any copies of necessary documents submitted to the Board with an Application for Limited Registration Form are certified by an authorised witness
  • Payments can be made online using credit card, PayID or Bpay
  • If you are granted Limited Registration:               
    • You are given a registration number and you may start practising under supervision in NSW
    • Your Limited Registration is published on our online Register
    • You will be sent a letter of acknowledgement with a Certificate of Limited Registration

Registered veterinarians must notify the Board of any change to their name, address or contact details within 14 days of the change