Make a formal complaint against a veterinarian

Any person may make a formal complaint against a veterinarian regarding the conduct of the veterinarian in NSW.  The Board is not required to investigate a complaint if the complaint is made more than 3 years after the conduct is alleged to have occurred.

Whilst the Board can withhold some information from notice to the veterinarian who is the subject of the complaint it is generally not possible for the Board to investigate an anonymous complaint.

Please note that the Board does not have the legislative authority to investigate complaints about veterinary fees unless in relation to a potential breach of the Veterinary Practitioners Code of Professional Conduct.  If you have a complaint about veterinary fees you should contact the Department of Fair Trading.

If you are considering lodging a formal complaint against a veterinarian the Board recommends that you firstly:

  1. Review the section on this website regarding concerns about a veterinarian
  2. Review the formal complaint procedures adopted by the Board
  3. Contact the Board to discuss your complaint with the Board’s Complaints Officer

The Board requires that a Complaint Form  is completed and submitted in order to make a formal complaint against a veterinarian.  Please contact us if you experience any difficulty with completing or submitting your Complaint Form.