CVO Bulletin August 2020 - Avian Influenza H7N7 07 August 2020

Avian Influenza outbreak: Lethbridge, Victoria - NSW Preparedness Update

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There is an outbreak of avian influenza (H7N7) at a free-range egg farm near Lethbridge, in Victoria (north-west of Geelong). The farm was confirmed infected on 31/7/2020 and placed under movement restrictions. Containment measures have been implemented. A second egg...

NSW DPI COVID-19 UPDATE - Tuesday, 21 July 2020 22 July 2020


Restrictions tightened for entry to
NSW from Victoria

Tuesday, 21 July 2020


NSW Department of Primary Industries has established a COVID-19 Primary Industries Liaison Team to help primary producers navigate the challenges and impacts of COVID-19 on their business and industry.




The DPI COVID-19...

NSW Victorian Border Permits 09 July 2020


Permits have been introduced under the Public Health (COVID 19 Border Control) Order 2020 to assist with controlling the spread of COVID 19 from Victoria to NSW. 

Importantly, veterinarians, their staff and clients who are usually residents of a border commuity are eligible to apply for a permit to travel from Victoria to NSW if they have reasonable cause to travel in the ordinary course of their work, education or daily life. 

Permits are also available for persons who provide critical services, which...

NSW Pet Registry fully operational 02 July 2020



The Office of Local Government (OLG) is pleased to advise that the NSW Pet Registry website is now fully operational following completion of urgent maintenance and upgrading work for the introduction of annual permits.


Members of the public, vets, breeders and authorised identifiers now have full access to the NSW Pet Registry. OLG thanks vets and members of the public for their patience while this necessary work was undertaken to ensure the integrity of the NSW Pet Registry.


Members of the public can now claim their pets, pay for pet registrations and annual...

Update on NSW Pet Registry 30 June 2020


Urgent maintenance and upgrading work to the NSW Companion Animals Register (CAR) and NSW Pet Registry (Registry) continues to support the introduction of annual permits for non-desexed cats and dangerous and restricted dogs from 1 July. Both websites remain unavailable to council users.


For vets the Office of Local Government (OLG) has been able to restore access via mobile search function on the Register.


This access will allow Register users to retrieve animal owner information and enable pets to continue to be reunited with their owners while the temporary shutdown...

NSW Pet Registry Temporary shutdown 24 June 2020


The NSW Pet Registry has been temporarily shut down to allow urgent maintenance and upgrading work to accommodate the introduction of annual permits for non-desexed cats and dangerous and restricted dogs from July 1.

These works include necessary security upgrades to protect the system and the data it holds.

This shutdown has unavoidably affected operations at animal pounds and shelters, however, is necessary to ensure the ongoing integrity of the Pet Registry.

The NSW Government apologises for the...

CVO Bulletin Ehrlichiosis in dogs 22 June 2020


Ehrlichia canis was detected in a small number of dogs in the Kimberly region of Western Australia in May 2020 and in Katherine and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory in June 2020.

This is the first detection of ehrlichiosis in dogs in Australia that have not been imported from overseas.

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National Wildlife Biosecurity Guidelines 19 June 2020


Dear Colleague

National Wildlife Biosecurity Guidelines


At a time when Australia’s biosecurity effectiveness is more important than ever, I wish to draw your attention to a crucial resource to guide the work of everyone who works with wildlife; the National Wildlife Biosecurity Guidelines.


Initially released in November 2018, these unprecedented Guidelines are a pivotal set of...

Introduction of annual permits for non-desexed cats and dangerous/restricted dogs 05 June 2020

From 1 July 2020 the NSW Government will introduce annual permits for owners of non-desexed cats, restricted dog breeds, and dogs declared to be dangerous.
This means that owners of cats not desexed by four months of age will be required to pay an $80 annual permit in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee.
Owners of dogs of a restricted breed or declared to be dangerous will be required to pay a $195 annual permit in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee. This applies to dogs that are already registered.
Pet owners will be able to pay for annual...

Emergency Animal Disease and Zoonotic Disease Webinar Program 11 May 2020



For veterinarians and para-veterinary staff


NSW Department of Primary Industries, in conjunction with Local Land Services and the Australian

Veterinary Association, are relaunching the webinar program for veterinarians and para-veterinary staff

in clinical practice, including small, mixed or large animal practitioners. In addition to the 10 original

presentations, a new presentation on African Swine Fever has now been included....