Australian Chief Veterinary Officer 28 September 2023


DAFF is currently advertising for an Australian Chief Veterinary Officer at the Senior Executive Service Band 2 classification within the Office of the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer (ACVO). 


The AVCO is the primary representative of, and advisor to, the Australian Government on all matters relating to the maintenance and improvement of Australia’s animal health status and the systems that support it.  The ACVO also works to address major animal health issues of national interest, such as the threat of antimicrobial resistance, and enhancing trade and market access for animals and...

APVMA recall notification 21 September 2023


Ilium Ketamil Injection


A voluntary recall notification by Troy Laboratories has been published for this product batch number 220204B.


Further details




OLG: Discontinuation of Companion Animals Paper Forms 07 September 2023


The process to move Companion Animal Forms to an online system has been in place for a number of years, with downloadable forms available from the NSW Pet Registry website.


From 27 September 2023 paper forms will no longer be available to order and will only be available online. The forms are:

  • Permanent Identification P1A
  • Lifetime Registration R2
  • Change of Owner/Details C3A
  • Change of Owner by Shelter/Animal C3B
  • Verification of Existing Microchip M1


There is limited paper stock that can be ordered from FujiFilm up...

2024 Vet Graduate Program Local Land Services 05 September 2023

The 2024 Vet Graduate Program for Local Land Services has just been launched and further information is available from the links below.


The program will commence in January 2024 and run for 12 months.  Locations of roles are negotiable across our 11 regions so it really is a great opportunity for those students who want to immerse themselves in regional NSW and are interested in large production animals, disease investigations etc.


Graduate District Veterinarian | I work for NSW


Update from National Parks and Wildlife Service 31 August 2023


NPWS has released updates on the following topics:

  • Video resources on wildlife treatment and care
  • Guidelines for evaluating hauled out seals
  • Combatting mange in wombats
  • Wildlife rehabilitation Annual Report
  • Veterinary assistance at marine mammal incidents



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NSW Government Inquiry into the Veterinary Workforce Shortage 31 August 2023


The NSW Government established an inquiry into the veterinary workforce shortage in June 2023 and received over 200 submissions which are available on the inquiry website


The Board gave evidence to this inquiry 30 August 2023 and recommended a review of veterinary practice legislation, research to create valid and reliable metrics of veterinary workforce capacity, and facilitation of discussion among stakeholders to resolve issues related to the care of stray companion animals and injured...

Centenary of the veterinary profession 31 August 2023


The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1923 was assented to 5 December 1923 and commenced 1 January 1924.  This legislation was key to recognising the veterinary profession in NSW.  The first meeting of the Board was held February 1924. 


The Board would like to showcase reflections and images to celebrate this occasion and is looking for your help. If you have an image or a short story that you would like to share that positively reflects the history of the veterinary profession in NSW please email it to us.  We will create...

CVO Bulletin Australian bat lyssavirus 25 August 2023


Australian bat lyssavirus confirmed in a black flying fox in Byron Bay- August 2023.

Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) was detected in a subadult female black flying fox from Byron Bay on 17th August 2023. Brain, salivary gland, and buccal swabs all tested positive on ABLV (Pteropid) PCR at the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Animal and Plant Health Laboratory at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI).

Confirmatory testing was performed at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP), with brain samples testing positive on Australian bat...

APVMA Use of cannabis in veterinary chemical products 10 August 2023


In response to an increasing number of enquiries, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has published to provide guidance to stakeholders on the regulation of cannabis in veterinary chemical products.


The enquiries received by the APVMA come from a broad range of stakeholders, including pet owners seeking advice on whether they can give medicinal cannabis to their pets; veterinarians seeking guidance on whether they are allowed to prescribe unregistered veterinary products containing cannabis...

DVM Project Survey - The use of pain scales in small animal veterinary practices in Australia 02 August 2023


I am a veterinary student at Murdoch University and am looking for participants to complete a questionnaire for my DVM project. The study investigates the use of pain scales in small animal practices in Australia. 

Please help with this important survey investigating the Use of Pain Scales in Small Animal Practices in Australia. The questionnaire is voluntary, anonymous (data is de-identified) and only takes 3-5 minutes

I am a veterinary student at Murdoch...