Participating in an emergency animal disease 12 May 2023

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can participate?

The Board recognises that workforce capacity will be a significant issue in any response to an emergency animal disease outbreak and has developed a Workforce Capacity Emergency Response policy to ensure all available veterinarians are able to participate if required. All veterinarians currently working in Australia whose registration is not subject to restriction conditions will be able to...

Weeds in Wildlife Microbiomes: antibiotic resistant bacteria in wildlife 09 March 2023


Thursday 30 March 2023

6:00pm – 7:00pm

Delivered online and free of charge

To register, please follow this link: ...

Tick paralysis in dogs and cats 07 March 2023


An updated guide to diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of Australian tick paralysis developed by the Australian Tick Advisory Panel has been published.




NSW DPI March Update 07 March 2023


Japanese Encephalitis Update

Many piggeries are reporting symptoms similar to Japanese Encephalitis (JE) this season, however there has only been one confirmed positive case in NSW. NSW Health mosquito surveillance has found persistent high mosquito numbers across inland NSW with moderate numbers in the Sydney basin and coastal NSW, with a large proportion of these mosquitos being the two suspected JE vectors, Culex annulirostris and Aedes vigilax. This suggests that there is potential for spread of JEV for the next few months.

Vets are asked to continue reporting...

Survey: Participation in terminal surgery learning activities 07 March 2023

Current enrolled veterinary students at Murdoch, Melbourne or Sydney University and graduate veterinarians registered and located within Australia are being asked to participate in a study to find out why veterinary students choose to either conscientiously object to, or participate in the terminal surgery learning activity.

Participation will help with future curriculum development and you will have a chance to win one of four $100 Visa gift cards or one of four $50 Visa gift cards.


Mosquito-borne diseases 07 March 2023


The mosquito season is not over yet. In recent weeks there have been detections of mosquito-borne diseases in mosquito isolates and sentinel chickens in certain LGAs, and the first confirmed human case of Murray Valley encephalitis in NSW since 2011.

Fact sheets on...

Biosecurity regulation amendments 07 March 2023


The NSW Biosecurity Regulation (2017) previously mandated that pigs must not be fed or have access to mammalian products in stock food and that ruminants (e.g. cattle, sheep, goats and alpacas) must not be fed or have access to vertebrate products in stock food, except as otherwise exempted in the Regulation.

The Regulation was amended on 17 February 2023 to make it clear that there are circumstances where it is not reasonably practicable for a person to prevent pigs from...

Subsidised livestock disease investigations until June 2023 07 March 2023


The NSW Government is subsidising veterinary laboratory testing for new livestock disease investigations until 30 June 2023.

Testing is available for disease investigations conducted by private veterinarians on livestock that are susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease. Samples must be processed by the NSW Animal and Plant Health Laboratory at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI) to be eligible.

Testing is eligible for the subsidy if:

  • it is required as part of a disease investigation...

Emergency animal disease workshops for private veterinarians 07 March 2023

In response to the current risk of foot-and-mouth disease and lumpy skin disease, the NSW Government and the Australian Veterinary Association are working with veterinarians to prepare for and prevent emergency animal diseases in NSW.

Local Land Services and NSW Department of Primary Industries will be holding FREE workshops for veterinarians in four locations across the state and offering Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for participation.


Attendees will: 

  • get the latest updates...

New Practical Training Videos on Koala Rescue and Care 07 March 2023

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has collaborated with Koala Conservation Australia and Versatile Vet to produce a series of videos to help improve the care of injured, sick or orphaned koalas.

The 11 new videos demonstrate key skills required for the care and management of rescued koalas from capturing a koala on the ground, through to safe transportation, ageing a koala, microchipping and ear-tagging.

The videos are intended for use by wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians and veterinary nurses, alongside the...