Changes to the Board - Farewell to Dr Ian Russ 22 March 2019


Ian Russ retired from the Board 31 December 2018.

Ian had been the AVA NSW Division nomination representing veterinarians in urban areas and served with the Board from 5 May 2014 to 31 December 2018. 

On behalf of the Board, Board staff, the profession and the public I would like to thank Ian for his commitment to the regulation of the veterinary profession in NSW. Ian brought a strong professional ethical foundation to Board discussions and his thoughtful, respectful and diverse contributions ensured sound decision making. 




Changes to the Board - Welcome to Dr Magdoline Awad 22 March 2019


Magdoline Awad has a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Sydney and was appointed to the Board 20 February 2019 as the AVA NSW Division nomination representing veterinarians in urban areas.

Magdoline also has a graduate degree in Veterinary Professional Practice Management, and Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the Animal Welfare Chapter. She was a member of the Animal Research and Review Panel NSW from 2008-2016 and is a member of the UNSW Animal Care and Ethics Committee. She is the NSW representative for the AVA Welfare and Ethics special...

Changes to the Board - Welcome to Dr Jane Lord 22 March 2019


Barbara Jane Lord graduated in 1980 from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree with honours and was appointed to the Board 4 July 2018 as the veterinarian representing academics in the field of veterinary science.  

After graduation, Jane spent the next year as an intern at the University of Sydney Rural Veterinary Centre at Camden (equine referral hospital) where she obtained a Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Studies. She then moved into mixed practice in Albury, NSW, a year later acquiring Albury Veterinary Hospital (later known as Family Vet Centre). Jane worked as a sole...

Resignation of South Australian Board from AVBC 22 March 2019


The Presiding Member of the Veterinary Surgeons Board of South Australia (VSBSA), Mr Strachan, informed the profession in South Australia in an email dated 19 December 2018 of the VSBSA’s withdrawal from the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC).

AVBC has determined that it will do all within its powers to minimise the impact of the VSBSA resignation on veterinarians, whether registered in South Australia or elsewhere in Australasia.  Protection of the public remains the key principle.  Until a new model can be formulated, the AVBC will continue to provide its services to stakeholders as if the...

Companion Animal Newsletter for Vets - January 2019 08 February 2019



Please read and share this information about important changes to the Responsible Pet Ownership Program with relevant staff and customers

Boardtalk - December 2018 - Issue 49 Available 14 December 2018


December Boardtalk is now available for viewing.  

Read the latest professional news and information.





Notice of Annual General Meeting 29 October 2018

Annual General Meeting in Tamworth 20 November 2018

You are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the veterinary profession in New South Wales at the Quality Hotel Powerhouse Tamworth, Armidale Rd, Tamworth from 7.00pm Tuesday 20 November 2018.

Prior to the AGM the Board will be providing a short presentation on complaint investigations and the current demographic profile and movements of the veterinary profession in NSW.

For catering purposes, if you will be attending please RSVP via email, telephone or facsimile by close of business Friday 9 November 2018....

Companion Animal Newsletter for Vets 17 October 2018


New and improved NSW Pet Registry - coming soon


The NSW Government is launching a new and improved NSW Pet Registry website to provide an enhanced customer experience for people registering cats and dogs across the State.


African Swine Fever Virus is spreading throughout Asia and Eastern Europe 19 September 2018

African Swine Fever (ASF) virus can affect domestic and feral pigs of all ages. Clinically ASF can present as a peracute, acute, subacute or subclinical/chronic disease.  Clinical manifestations include high fever (up to 42°C), inappetence, ‘blotching’ of the skin, incoordination, diarrhoea, vomiting and respiratory signs.

Veterinarians who suspect African Swine Fever in pigs must report it to the Local Land Services on 1300  795 299 or the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888.

ASF virus is not zoonotic - humans are not at risk. Currently, there are no vaccines available.


Digital signatures, prescriptions and compounded medications 19 September 2018


Digital signatures do not constitute a legal signature for the purposes of prescribing.  If you require a compounded medication for the treatment of a specific animal you must follow the requirements for writing prescriptions.

General requirements for handwritten prescriptions are available from the NSW Health publication Guide to Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Legislation for Veterinary Practitioners.