Register outside NSW

Download Form FR08 Request for a Letter of Professional Standing (LOPS)
Download Form FR07 Request for Voluntary Removal from the Register


  • Veterinarians planning to practice veterinary science outside NSW should contact the local registration authority to determine requirements and processes for registration or licensing in that jurisdiction
  • Most registration authorities will require a Letter of Professional Standing to be sent directly from the NSW Board to the registration authority where you plan to practise veterinary science
  • Veterinarians who will no longer be residing in NSW should consider submitting a Request for Voluntary Removal from the Register to avoid the possibility of a Penalty Fee should they wish to restore themselves to the Register at a later date
  • Veterinarians who wish to maintain their registration in NSW must notify the Board of any change to their contact details within 14 days of the change
  • Please note that under National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR), registration in NSW entitles veterinarians to deemed registration in most other states of Australia