Renew Registration


Please note registration renewals have been delayed this year due to updates to our website.  We will notify you by email when the website becomes available and extend the renewal period as required.



To remain registered the Board requires that all veterinarians submit their Annual Return and pay their Annual Registration Fee by 30 June each year.

Veterinarians who do not wish to remain registered should voluntarily remove themselves from the register to prevent possible penalty fees in the future.

Registration renewal reminders are sent to all registered veterinarians by email and registration renewal is available from 1 June to 30 June each year.

Veterinarians are able to complete the renewal process using the Vet Login

If you are unable to login please email the Board for assistance.

Registration renewal is a two-step process:


  • Submit your Annual Return by
    • Completing and submitting an Annual return online using the Vet Login


  • Pay the Annual Registration Fee either by
    • Individual veterinarians can pay online using the Vet Login
    • Individual veterinarians or their employers can pay online using the Website Reference Number found on their annual registration fee invoice


Please note that the Board is not able to accept payments over the phone.

Registered veterinarians must notify the Board of any change to their name, address or contact details within 14 days of the change.

The Board may remove a veterinarian’s name from the Register if the Annual Return and/or Annual Registration Fee have not been submitted to the Board by 30 June.