Specialist registration


Download Form FR04 Application for Specialist Registration
Download AVBC Specialist Application Form - Australia



  • A person who has Full Registration or who is eligible for Full Registration in NSW may be granted Specialist Registration in NSW by the Board
  • The AVBC provides a recommendation to the Board as to whether the person has qualifications in veterinary science and experience in the practice of veterinary science sufficient to justify the granting of Specialist Registration
  • A person registered as a veterinary specialist in another Australian state or territory may apply to be registered as a specialist in NSW by submitting an Application for Full Registration
  • Please note that application payments cannot be made online
  • Please note that an Application for Specialist Registration in NSW requires the payment of TWO fees:
    • An application fee must be paid to the Board
    • An application fee must be paid to the AVBC
  • Please allow at least 2-3 months for applications to be assessed by the AVBC
  • If you are granted Specialist Registration, after the meeting of the Board:            
    • You may start practising as a veterinary specialist in NSW
    • Your Specialist Registration is published on our online Register
    • You will be sent a letter of acknowledgement with a Certificate of Specialist Registration
  • Registered veterinarians must notify the Board of any change to their name, address or contact details within 14 days of the change