Specialist registration

There are two pathways for registration as a specialist in NSW:


1. Mutual Recognition

If you have specialist registration in another Australian jurisdiction or in New Zealand this is recognised by the Board.  Please apply for full registration and once granted your registration will be reviewed based on your Letter of Professional (Good) Standing which must confirm your specialist registration and a review of documents submitted for assessment of your eligibility for specialist registration. 

The Board may request a copy of the documentation used in the assessment of your eligibility for specialist registration directly from the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) or other relevant authority if applicable.

2. Application to the Board

If you are not registered as a specialist in another Australian jurisdiction or in New Zealand you will need to seek an assessment of your eligibility for specialist registration by the Advisory Committee on the Registration of Veterinary Specialists (ACRVS) of the AVBC.  The AVBC will then provide a recommendation to the Board as to whether your qualifications in veterinary science and experience in the practice of veterinary science are sufficient to justify the granting of specialist registration.  Guidelines for assessment of eligibility for specialist registration are available from the AVBC

Once you have received this recommendation from the AVBC you will need to submit an application for specialist registration to the Board

The Board will review your application for specialist registration together with your assessment documentation (provided to the Board directly from the AVBC).

Please note that you are not able to practice as a specialist or use the term specialist or any derivative of this word in relation to your practice unless you have been granted specialist registration by the Board.  If you are granted specialist registration your name will appear on our online Register and you will receive a certificate of specialist registration.

Separate fees apply to both the assessment of your eligibility by the AVBC and to your application to the Board.


Application for Specialist Registration