Issue 49 - Ownership, writing, maintaining and releasing records


What are a veterinarian’s responsibilities?

A veterinarian’s responsibilities in relation to veterinary and animal health records are covered in three clauses of the Veterinary practitioners code of professional conduct (Code):

1. Provision of records

Issue 49 - Confidentiality – What’s the secret?


This very important area of veterinary practice is sometimes poorly understood yet it underpins everything we do as professionals.  Confidentiality provides a significant foundation to the trust the public and our clients have in the veterinary profession.

Breaches of confidentiality may be subject to investigations by the Board and proceedings in the courts. 


Issue 49 - The Complaints Committee Report


The Board has reviewed and determined 35 complaints made against veterinarians between April and October 2018.  Of these, 28 complaints were dismissed, 2 complaints were dismissed with a recommendation, 3 veterinarians were found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct, and 2 veterinarians were found guilty of professional misconduct.   


2018 June - Prohibited procedures


The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (s 12(1)) provides that a person shall not perform any of the following procedures on animals

a. dock the tail of a horse, bull, ox, bullock, steer, cow, heifer, calf or dog

b. crop the ears of a dog

c. operate upon a dog for the purpose of preventing the dog from being able to bark

d. remove one or more of the claws of a cat

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