Transfer a hospital licence

Download Form FH03 Application to Transfer a Veterinary Hospital Licence
Download Guideline GH01 Minimum Requirements for Veterinary Hospitals
Download Guideline GH03 Self Assessment Checklist for Veterinary Hospital Superintendents


  • If you are selling part or all of a hospital you are required to submit an Application to Transfer a Hospital Licence to the Board
  • All current licence holders (according to the Board records) and all applicant (new) licence holders must sign the application
  • If a licensee is deceased please contact the Board
  • The applicant (new) licence holders must submit an Appointment of a Superintendent Form
  • Please note that transfer payments cannot be made online
  • Please ensure the Board receives your application with all required supporting documents at least 21 days before the next Board meeting
  • If the Board approves the transfer application, after the meeting of the Board:
    • Your hospital licence information is updated on our online Hospital Register
    • You will be sent a letter of acknowledgement noting that the Board has approved the transfer and listing the names of the new licence holders who are veterinarians
  • A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the new Superintendent (if applicable) together with information regarding the duties of the superintendent and the Checklist for Hospital Inspections
  • The Board may impose specific conditions on a hospital licence
  • All hospitals are inspected regularly and all licensed premises are subject to the condition of satisfactory assessments by the Board
  • The Board requires the Annual Licence Fee to be paid by 30 June